Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

Masalah Penginstalan SDK Android pada Eclipse

Pada waktu menginstal sdk pada Android SDK and AVD Manager dalam Eclipse, ketika itu saya terdapat masalah ketika instalasi paket (package) yaitu :

-= Warning ! =-
A folder failed to be renamed or moved. On Windows this typically means that a program is using that folder (for example Windows Explorer or your anti-virus software.)
Please momentarily deactivate your anti-virus software.
Please also close any running programs that may be accessing the directory 'C:\Eclipse\android-sdk-windows\tools'. When ready, press YES to try again.

Error Message:
Failed to rename directory C:\Eclipse\android-sdk-windows\temp
\tools to C:\Eclipse\android-sdk-windows\temp\ToolPackage.old01.