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My Favourite Quotes in Anime, J-Dorama & J-Movie

Waah, komik ternyata dapet mengilhamiku juga. Terbukti dari banyak quote-quote dari sana yang masih melekat erat dalam pikiranku hehee. Tapi aku sering baca komik itu dulu, waktu aku masih kecil dan ingusan, sekarang udah malez baca komik lagi mrgreen

Tapi sekarang lagi suka nonton2 film dan dorama jepang niih. Eits, jangan salah. Walaupun aku cowok gak papa kali nonton kayak gitu. Cuman sekedar cari hiburan, lagian tujuanku nonton ya cuma mau mengambil pesan moral dari film itu. Sekalian biar tahu kehidupan-kehidupan yang ada di Jepang sana. Biasa lah, Japan Holic nih. Di lain sisi aku jadi bisa belajar bahasa Jepang walaupun cuma sedikit-sedikit. Hehee sekalian bisa cuci mata nonton artis Jepang yang cantik2 lagi berakting love hahahaaa

Niih, diantaranya quote2 yang aku suka:

* In the analysis there is no up or down, because the truth is always only one. (Shinichi Kudo - Detective Conan)

* When a detective managed to catch criminals with his analysis, then he let that criminals suicide, the detective was the same as criminal. (Shinichi Kudo - Detective Conan)

* When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however imprabable, must be the truth. (Shinichi Kudo – Detective Conan) original : Sherlock Holmes

* I wouldn’t know the motives for a person killing others, but as far as helping a person is concerned, why should there be a logical mind? (Shinichi Kudo - Detective Conan)

* Trick is man-made puzzle, as long as mankind ponder over it, the answer will be found. (Shinichi Kudo - Detective Conan)

* The mistakes one makes while hurrying are very important. (Shinichi Kudo - Detective Conan)

* The heart of a woman whom one like, how can someone accurately deduce that. (Shinichi Kudo - Detective Conan)

* Zero is where everything starts, nothing would ever be born if we didn't depart from there, nothing would be achieved! (Shinichi Kudo - Detective Conan)

* Life is limited so people will appreciate it. Because there’s a limit, we would try our best to live. (Heiji Hattori – Detective Conan)

* Courage is a word of justice. It means the quality of mind that enables one to face apprehension with confidence and resolution. (Ran Mouri – Detective Conan)

* You can’t rush things. Human can never go againts the stream of time, if man forcibly tries to change that, they’ll be punishment. (Ai Haibara – Detective Conan)

* Sunset, the sun's last struggle against death the world begins to dye red. Who knows if I'll see you again fading sunligth. (Ai Haibara - Detective Conan)

* Life is not a problem other people or yourself, it is a precious thing that should not be taken away. (Suzuki Hattori – Detective Conan)

* You must not forget if that’s an important memory to you. Especially since when a person dies, he can only live in the memories of others. (Wataru Takagi – Detective Conan)

* The word `justice` isn't a word yo can involve on any occasion, it's something we must keep secretly in our heart. (Miwako Sato - Detective Conan)

* If you break the rules and let yourself off the hook even once, it'll become a habit. You might think you can break a habit, but you can't! (Chiba - Detective Conan)

* Words are like knives. If you use it the wrong way it transforms into a bad weapon. (Shakuren - Detective Conan)

* Life puzzle deepens. (Ryu Amakusa – Dan Detective School)

* While there’s life, there’s hope. (Haru Glory - RAVE)

* What’s wrong with falling down? You can stand up again, if you look up the blue sky after falling down, the blue sky is also today, stretching limitlessly and smiles at me. (Aya Ikeuchi – 1 Litre of Tears)

* I recognise how I am right now and I want to like how I am now. (Aya Ikeuchi – 1 Litre of Tears)

* I definetly won’t run away, that’s what I’ll do, definetly always. (Aya Ikeuchi – 1 Litre of Tears)

* I want to stay here forever because this is the place where I am. (Aya Ikeuchi – 1 Litre of Tears)

* If we can beat pain, on the other side, a rainbow of happiness awaits us. (Aya Ikeuchi – 1 Litre of Tears)

* As I place my hand on my chest, I can feel my heart beat. I'm so happy that I'm still living. (Aya Ikeuchi – 1 Litre of Tears)

* People shouldn't dwell in their past or worry about the future. Just living by each day is hard enough. (Aya Ikeuchi – 1 Litre of Tears)

* If you want to help people, even if it’s only one precious person, just one person is enough. (Mizuo Ikeuchi – 1 Litre of Tears)

* Strong girls aren't even cute, so don't pretend to be strong, cry when you need to, I'll be there. (Haruto Asou - 1 Litre of Tears)

* The present is more important than future. (Kaoru Amane – Taiyou No Uta)

* I am even more certain of my own dream now, not debuting as an artist is fine. All I need is to be able to sing my own songs whenever I want to. Thats enaough. (Kaoru Amane – Taiyou No Uta)

* Which do you think is the right choice, to die after fulfilling a dream or to desert a dream to live? (Kaoru Amane) What's important is which decision you will not regret. (Kouji Fujishiro - Taiyou No Uta)

* Someone who can lie to themselves is lonely and in pain. (Mizuki Ashiya - Hanazakari No Kimitachi E)

* If you give up on the most important things in your life, you’ll gradually lose your true self. (Mizuki Ashiya - Hanazakari No Kimitachi E)

* Hard work will definetly be rewarded. (Mizuki Ashiya - Hanazakari No Kimitachi E)

* Falling in love is not necessary a bad thing. Love make people more mature. (Eiko Ashiya - Hanazakari No Kimitachi E)

* For the amount of pain you have suffered, you will get equal amount of happiness in return. (Shuichi Nakatsu - Hanazakari No Kimitachi E)

* The important thing is not lamenting about the past now, but rather to change the present for the future. (Fairy - Proposal Daisakusen)

* I’m not concerned that you have fallen, but I’m concerned that you arise. (Fairy - Proposal Daisakusen) original : William Shakespere

* If you keep thinking there's always tomorrow, you'll suffer for it , and, those who say they'll do it tomorrow are idiots. (Futoshi Yoshida - Proposal Daisakusen)

* When you overcome your sadness, you'll definetly be stronger than you are now. (Yuriko Minami - My Boss My Hero)

* The answer of what it means to be an exellent doctor can probably be found on location only. (Shuji Kuroda - Code Blue)

* Doctors are only capable of merely extending the time before a person's death. (Kosaku Aizawa) It may only be ten minutes, an hour, a day, or maybe a year, however, that small amount of time can sometimes change the meaning of life. (Shuji Kuroda - Code Blue)

* If people aren't needed by others, they cannot live. (Kosaku Aizawa - Code Blue)

* Words can make you regret for life if you don't convey them when you can. (Kosaku Aizawa - Code Blue)

* Separation makes people strong. (Kosaku Aizawa - Code Blue)

* You have to have patience if you want to achieve your goal. (Madara Uchiha - Naruto)

* You don't need to hide your sadness and force yourself to smile. You'll feel better when you let your tears fall. (Morozumi - Papa To Musume Nanokakan)

* When you're working, it doesn't mean that you exist only to work, but we work for the sake of living. We don't live for the sake of working. (Kyoichiro Kawahara - Papa To Musume Nanokakan)

* If you just keep walking forward with your beliefs, happiness will be near. (Kyoichiro Kawahara - Papa To Musume Nanokakan)

* It's not winners or wealthy people who are the greatest. It's those who try their best and fight on with all their might, they are the greatest. (Koume Kawahara - Papa To Musume Nanokakan)

* A person filled with cowardice and hesitation would not be able to do anything, because they can only see the impossible. (Koichi Kawato - Rookies)

* There are no miracles in the world of lifesaving, but when in front of a patient, there is no doctor who doesn't wish for a miracles. (Kosaku Aizawa - Code Blue 2)

* We can afford to forget those we've saved, but we must remember those who can't be saved. (Kosaku Aizawa - Code Blue 2)

* Isn't it true that sometimes beautiful lies are better than the ugly truth? But, we must be honest. No matter how cruel is the truth. (Kosaku Aizawa - Code Blue 2)

* The moment we're each living now will become past memories tomorrow. Meaning, the past is evidence that we lived. (Kosaku Aizawa - Code Blue 2)

* What one person can do alone is limited. Don't take everything on by yourself. (Mihoko Hiyama - Code Blue 2)

* You don't need to say anything to a person who'e truly sad. You just need to be by their side. (Toshi Kaji - Code Blue 2)

* Doctors do all they can in order to cure their patients. Even if every single hand helps, there are times when it's hopeless. All those times, the only thing you can do is stay by their side. (Mihoko Hiyama - Code Blue 2)

* Speaking the truth is difficult. People hide it for various reasons. But, the more you try to hide it, the more others try to open that door. (Kosaku Aizawa - Code Blue 2)

* If results are good, you're told you were courageous. If they're bad, you're called a murderer and taken to court. No one can avoid that process. That's our job. That's how it was supposed to be. At times, it helplessly becomes meaningless. (Kosaku Aizawa - Code Blue 2)

* Eventhough we do it for the patient's sake, if we make one mistake, we're suddenly looked at with eyes full of hatred. (Mihoko Hiyama - Code Blue 2)

* Why do doctors sacrifice valuable things and work themselves to the bone? Money? Prestige? No! The reason is for the sake of our loved one's smiles. For our patient's thankful words. (Megumi Shiraishi - Code Blue 2)

* Saying to immediately forget someone who just passed away was wrong. Because it's needs time. There's no need to force oneself to forget. (Kazuo Fujikawa - Code Blue 2)

* There is no easy way to heal emotional scars. That because bearing wounds in our hearts, we can become aware of other people's pain. (Kosaku Aizawa - Code Blue 2)

* Someone who desperately are in which words such as 'miracle' doesn't exist. (Kosaku Aizawa - Code Blue 2)

* People are weak, but doctors must be strong. Is it difficult, isn't it? (Keisuke Tachibana - Code Blue 2)

* When alone, people don't value life. It's only when there's someone they want to be with, somenone they don't want to sadden, that people value their own lives. (Kosaku Aizawa - Code Blue 2)

* For the entrance examination, intelligence is not necessary. Necessary things are technics, perseverance and a meticulous strategy. With practice, one can pass the entrance examination. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* Our society has rules. And all these rules are written by intelligent people. These rules will continue to serve these intelligent people. And stupid people will only have to try to understand their meaning. Stupid people will be cheated and continue to lose. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* Do you know how to become strong? First, you have to know your own weaknesses. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* For an exam, there's only the result that matter. The fact that you did your best or not has no value. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* A person who can't even fight to satisfy his own life can't help take care of other's problems. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* Everyone imagines reality is as they would like to think of it. And one day, suddenly, you realize that you were mistaken. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* The concentration ability of a human can't last for more than an hour, so it's true that a break is important. But if you break for too long, you'll get the opposite effect. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* Information is a power. The difference comes only from what you know or what you do not know. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* When you want to memorize something, it's difficult to remember it by force. If you connect them together, it's much easier to remember them bit by bit. (Hiroshi Kawaguchi - Dragon Zakura)

* By using words and drawings, you will use the two sides of your brain. Remember: Left = drawings, right = words. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* A good teacher, even if his students are not able to do something, will help them learn, and will trust them. And then, he'll give them their independance. Instead of pampering them, do whatever you can so that they can climb over the wall by themselves. Then, they'll think by themselves, decide by themselves, and move forward by themselves. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* Studies are drugs. When you're given a problem you don't understand, it becomes unacceptable and you become sick. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* If you continue to work with all your strength, your results will rapidly grow. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* If you only look up, you'll forget what's down. You'll have to strengthen your weak points, and try best so that what's evident becomes evident. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* All those who practice something with enthusiasm have the ability to expand a great deal of effort. So when they concentrate, they will show a lot of ability and force. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* Someone who doesn't realize their dreams is coward. Even if you say that they're nice, it's just being hypocritical regarding their life goal. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* Listening without thinking, in fact, a large part of your brain is inactive. Train your ears, and repeat immediately everything that you hear. That's the best method of working out your brain. (Hiroshi Kawaguchi - Dragon Zakura)

* For an examination question, there is always only one good answer. But for life, it's different. In life, there are many correct answers. So, don't live a cowardly life. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

* Humans are interesting. (Toshio Katsuragi - Kurosagi)

* Life's but a walking shadow. (Kurosaki - Kurosagi) original : Willianm Shakespeare's

* The law won't protect you, if so, why do we need to obey the law? (Kurosaki) The law is not there to protect people, it's to help people live in happiness. (Tsurara Yoshikawa - Kurosagi)

* It's not okay to give up on happiness. (Tsurara Yoshikawa - Kurosagi)

* Revenge can't bring you anything, it will actually bring you more pain. (Tsurara Yoshikawa - Kurosagi)

* Good guys have no limits. (Kurosaki - Kurosagi)

* If i give up here, i might keep giving up in the future. (Hotaru Amemiya - Hotaru no Hikari)

* Love is fun, because it's difficult. (Sachiko Yamada - Hotaru no Hikari)

* If one lets out all these feeling but isn't accepted, it will remain in the heart as a horrible wound. But if it's a horrible experience, don't you think it's better than nothing. (Seiichi Takano - Hotaru no Hikari)

* If you really love someone, I believe that there is nothing in the world that you cannot overcome. (Hotaru Amemiya - Hotaru no Hikari)

* Love isn't something you can achieve by effort. (Kaname Jinguuji - Hotaru no Hikari)

* There is no perfect answer to love, the answer you come up with is the correct answer. (Sachiko Yamada - Hotaru no Hikari)

* Unbelievable power on display at the scene of fire. (Hotaru Amemiya - Hotaru no Hikari)

* To love somebody is something that pure and straightforward. (Seiichi Takano - Hotaru no Hikari)

* You can make as many detours as you like to arrive at your final destination. (Sachiko Yamada - Hotaru no Hikari)

* Losing is something that i don't like. (Yoko Misaki - Attention Please)

* If u have inner beauty, then it doesn't matter what u wear. (Shota Nakahara - Attention Please)

* Those who believed it could be really be done, made it a reality. (Shota Nakahara - Attention Please)

* You have to believe in yourself, you can't go forward if you're scared.
(Shuusuke Tsutsumi - Attention Please)

* Failing is the process to succeding. (Makoto Watanabe - Attention Please)

* The basic of communication in work or with people is the same. First is to understand. (Tamaki Mikami - Attention Please)

* When someone bumps into a wall, that person is growing up. (Tamaki Mikami - Attention Please)

* What support you are your true dreams. (Shouta - Shimokita Glory Days)

* Doctors do not wait for the patients, the patients are the ones who wait for the doctors. (Kyoutaro Asada - Iryu)

* If there is even one who hasn't given up on life, then i will pursue forward, no matter what. (Kyoutaro Asada - Iryu)

* More important is the strength to not be blindes by fear and forgetting your strong points. (Miki Satohara - Iryu)

* No one is really strong but we could be strong for someone. (Keishi Fujiyoshi - Iryu)

* Although no one is strong, but we could become strong for the sake of another person. (Keishi Fujiyoshi - Iryu)

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    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, poof. He's gone. (The Usual Suspects)

    Information is a power. The difference comes only from what you know or what you do not know. (Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

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